Ziad Aboultaif Hosts Business Town Hall to Discuss Liberals’ Tax Change Proposal

August 31, 2017

Ziad Aboultaif Hosts Business Town Hall to Discuss Liberals’ Tax Change Proposal


August 31, 2017

EDMONTON — Conservative MP and Shadow Minister for International Development Ziad Aboultaif hosted a local business town hall yesterday evening to discuss the Liberals’ proposed changes to the way that businesses are taxed. He was joined by his colleague Kelly McCauley, MP for Edmonton West.

“Conservatives believe that taxes should be lower for all Canadian businesses, families and individuals and we fully agree that Canada’s tax system should be fair and equitable for all ” said MP Aboultaif. “However, I am concerned that these changes will make life more difficult for Edmontonians and that this is just another Liberal tax grab in order to pay for the government’s out-of-control spending.”

Conservatives are concerned that the Liberals’ proposed tax changes will:

• Discourage Canadians from starting their own businesses, especially the younger generation and future entrepreneurs;
• Make Canadian businesses uncompetitive and drive away foreign investors;
• Result in layoffs, fewer working hours, and reduced health insurance and other benefits;
• Result in Brain Drain in Canada forcing the emigration of highly skilled and trained individuals to other countries;
• Make life harder for farm families and make it more expensive for Canadians to buy local produce; and
• Make it harder for Canadians to find a family doctor and increase wait times.

MP Aboultaif will be drafting a report based on the findings of the business town hall and delivering it to the Minister of Finance as part of the government’s consultation period. The government’s 75-day public consultation ends on October 2, 2017 – http://www.fin.gc.ca/activty/consult/tppc-pfsp-eng.asp.

Clarissa Schurter
Executive Assistant
Office of Ziad Aboultaif