Canadians Deserve A Break – Carbon Tax

Canadian families have never fiscally struggled so much. 

After 9 years of “wacko”, inflationary and expensive policies by Justin Trudeau’s government and his bedpartner Jagmeet Singh, Canadians deserve a break. 

Last year, two million Canadians were forced to the foodbank, and this year a million more are expected to join the ever-growing charity lines. In fact, Foodbank Canada’s 2024 report found that 50% of Canadians believe they are doing worse, financially, than last year. At the same time 25% of Canadians are suffering from food insecurity. 

The Trudeau-Singh coalition is making life miserable for Canadian working families. After hiking the carbon tax by 23% in April, the Prime Minister is still not ready to slowdown his burdensome and useless carbon tax. The truth is the NDP-Liberal coalition have stood happily by, as Canadians struggle to fuel their cars, farmers wrestle to put food on Canadians’ tables, and families strive to make ends meet. 

These are challenges which should be addressed and solved by the government. Not caused by it.  

The Carbon Tax is a costly line item on every Canadian family’s budget. These budgets need to be balanced, because unlike Justin Trudeau would have you believe, budgets do not balance themselves. Yet Alberta families will have to shell out $2,943 per year in the form of the ineffective carbon tax. 

It is a problem with a simple solution, on the government’s end. The Liberal government has the authority and reason to Axe the Tax. 

At the very least they can give Canadian families a carbon tax summer break. If he pauses the carbon tax until Labour Day, Justin Trudeau can save Albertans $955. Nearly a thousand dollars.  

When Canadians are living paycheck to paycheck, an extra thousand dollars can make a real difference. It can enable an extra dozen meals for a single-mothered family, weeks of a child’s hockey practice, and daycare for the children of hard-working families. 

It is time Canadians got a break. Axe the Tax.