Your voice in Ottawa

When speaking in Ottawa, I focus on two main areas – the priorities of my constituency and the responsibilities associated with my role.

For my constituency, top priorities are the energy sector, pipelines, jobs and opportunity, taxation, and immigration. In particular, my constituency benefits most directly from the “downstream” part of the energy sector. We have Canada’s Industrial Heartland, where workers convert extracted energy products into usable fuels and manufactured goods. I advocate for our Industrial Heartland, as well as for the Energy Sector in general – especially for the construction of pipelines. Pipelines are the cleanest and safest way to transport fuel that everyone needs and continues to use. If we do not make use of Canada’s energy resources, then we will be dependent on other countries, with lower environmental standards and that often do not share our values.

In addition to these areas, I have been active in debates about human rights, about foreign affairs, about freedom of religion, and about the need to recognize and defend human dignity.