Ziad has been advocating for socio-economic organizations in the riding since before his arrival in office. He has seen the importance of support networks through his experience with organ tissue donation. Through many initiatives such as the Canada Summer Jobs program and New Horizons For Seniors, Ziad secured support for many services in the riding that make a difference for constituents. As MP, he also strongly supports the ethno-communities in the riding and keeps in touch with them and the issues they face.

Small Business

Edmonton Manning is empowered by small businesses owned by our neighbours and community. Ziad stands up for small business day and night to make sure they have the supports to prosper and thrive. During the COVID-19 pandemic, small businesses need a champion more than ever to advocate for the many sectors of SMEs, from agriculture to wellness services.


Ziad is dedicated to advocate for responsible and effective aid programs to develop education and economic opportunities for youth in developing countries. He also stays updated on the state of democracy in countries at risk and the rights of religious minorities all around the world.