About Ziad Aboultaif

As the Conservative Member of Parliament for Edmonton Manning, Ziad Aboultaif brings more
than a decade of experience as a business owner and operator to the House of Commons.

Ziad is a strong advocate for small business owners and a regulatory system that empowers
entrepreneurs to create well-paying jobs Canadians can rely on.

First elected to Parliament in 2015, Ziad was re-elected in 2019 and 2021. He has served as
Official Opposition Critic for National Revenue (2015-2017), Shadow Minister for International
Development (2017-2019), and Shadow Minister for Digital Government (2019-2020)

Born in Lebanon, Ziad moved to Canada in 1990. He and his wife Elizabeth have two adult sons.

As a successful business owner, dedicated community leader, devoted family man, and strong
advocate for organ donation, Ziad has travelled across the world, developing a strong analytical
understanding of what drives Canadian and International relations.

Ziad has been recognized for his accomplishments, including his extensive work on community
boards, earning an “Alberta Centennial Medal”, “Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal”, “Queen’s
Platinum Jubilee Medal”, and was awarded Uzbekistan’s 30th National Anniversary Medal, by
President Shavkat Mirziyoyev.

His passion for organ and tissue donation was born out of personal experience. In 2003, he
made a partial-liver donation to his son Tyler. Ziad continues to promote organ and tissue
donation as the ultimate gift.

Whether raising concerns on the floor of the House of Commons, challenging the government
to do the right thing, or introducing legislation to establish a Canadian Organ Donor Registry,
Ziad makes sure his constituents’ voices are heard in Ottawa.

He is thankful for the opportunity to serve, and always eager to hear and learn from the
residents of Edmonton Manning.

“I am incredibly proud of my constituency, its diversity and the peaceful co-existence of mutual respect and co-operation. Together we lift each other up to heights that we otherwise would not be able to achieve. This is a beautiful thing.”

Parliamentary Associations

  • Executive Member of Canada-ASEAN Inter-Parliamentary Association
  • Canadian Branch of the Assemblée parlementaire de la Francophonie
  • Canadian Branch of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association
  • Canadian Delegation to the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe Parliamentary Assembly
  • Canada-Europe Parliamentary Association
  • Canada-Italy Inter-Parliamentary Group
  • Canadian NATO Parliamentary Association
  • Canada-United Kingdom Inter-Parliamentary Association
  • Canada-United States Inter-Parliamentary Group

Parliamentary Friendship Groups

  • Chair of Canada-Egypt Parliamentary Friendship Group
  • Chair of Canada-Jordan Parliamentary Friendship Group
  • Chair of the Parliamentary Friends of Kurds
  • Chair of Canada-Uzbekistan Parliamentary Friendship Group
  • Co-Chair of Canada-Lebanon Parliamentary Friendship Group
  • Vice-Chair of Canada-Türkiye Friendship Group
  • Canada-Artsakh Parliamentary Friendship Group
  • Canada-Azerbaijan Parliamentary Friendship Group
  • Canada-Belgium Parliamentary Friendship Group
  • Canada-Bulgaria Parliamentary Friendship Group
  • Canada-Hong Kong Parliamentary Friendship Group
  • Canada-Iraq Parliamentary Friendship Group
  • Canada-Korea Parliamentary Friendship Group
  • Canada-Kuwait Parliamentary Friendship Group
  • Canada-Türkiye Parliamentary Friendship Group
  • Canada-UAE Parliamentary Friendship Group

Parliamentary Caucuses

  • All-Party Agriculture Caucus
  • All-Party Diabetes Caucus
  • All-Party Juvenile Diabetes Caucus
  • Canadian Chapter of the Parliamentary Network on the World Bank and IMF
  • International Panel of Parliamentarians for Freedom of Religion and Belief
  • Seniors Caucus Advisory Committee
  • Tourism Caucus Advisory