ArriveScam: Just the Facts

Today, after 8 long years of Justin Trudeau, we have people dumpster diving for food. What’s up? Taxes are up, interest rates are up, and spending is up. Yet, Justin Trudeau and his Liberal cronies remain careless towards their management of the public purse, and Canadian taxpayers’ money. In fact, the government recently wasted $60 million on a useless app. 

During the Covid pandemic, the Liberal government said they would be developing and implementing an app which would make all Canadians “safe”. The ArriveCan app was expected to cost no more than $80,000. But Justin Trudeau paid 750 times more, $60 million for a faulty app which wrongfully sent thousands of Canadians wrongfully into 2 week quarantines each time. 

WTF. Where’s the funds? A large chunk of the $60 million went to GC Strategies, a company of 2 people, operating out of a basement, which did absolutely no IT work on the app. Not only that, but that same company has received nearly $20 million worth of contracts in total from Justin Trudeau. 

The worst part is the degree of mismanagement in this project. In fact, the Auditor General of Canada said that the true cost of this app was impossible to calculate due to gross mismanagement. It is so bad that $12.2 million of that project’s budget may have even been spent on other projects. But there is truly no way to find out since 18% of the invoices submitted lacked essential information. 

If any Canadian business were this sloppy, the consequences would be unimaginable. But this Liberal government does not care, since the money is not coming out of their pockets, but out of yours.  

Conservatives will continue to fight for answers and transparence. A Conservative government under Pierre Poilievre will restore honesty and Common Sense to the management of taxpayer’s dollars. Your dollars